Mortgage Customer Attraction Strategy
- Module Five

How to engage referrers online leveraging your closed group status.

  • How to create a Facebook Ad that attracts the attention of potential referrers including Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Lawyers and Financial Advisers.

  • How to use your closed group status as a unique selling propositions.

  • The types of opt-in forms you would use for potential referral candidates.

  • How to outline the terms of the referral relationship in your advertisement.

  • How to build your closed group member size quickly.

  • How to encourage members to add their friends and family to your closed group.

  • How to nurture new members who join your group.

  • How to leverage your group size with existing referrers.

  • How to approach new referral partners.  


  • Identifying the attributes of the right referral partner.

  • Example of the Facebook Ads you may use to target your desired referral relationship (lawyer, accountant or financial adviser)

  • How to conduct an initial meeting with a potential referrer.    


  • Example of an initial meeting with Financial Adviser to discuss referral partnership.


Module Five - Video Four

  • Q&A


Module Five - Video One

Module Five - Video Two

Module Five - Video Three

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