Mortgage Customer Attraction Strategy
- Module One

How to write an engaging Facebook Ad which truly reaches out and grabs your target audience.

  • Identify the pain points of your niche target.

  • Understanding why they will opt-in.

  • Selling your ONE BIG PROMISE.

  • Making sure your first paragraph is engaging.

  • How to pick an eye catching headline.

  • Why the image you use for your Ad will make a huge difference to your opt-in rates.  

Module One - Video One

  • Identify and understand the target audience for your Facebook Ads.

  • What are the pain points of your target audience.

  • How to address the pain points.

  • 6 key factors that contribute to people saying YES to opt-in.

  • 3 outcomes you want to achieve when you're putting your Ad together.

  • How to write your copy.

Module One - Video Two

  • How to write to your very best client.

  • Attributes important when writing your Facebook Ad.

  • 7 tips to create a great headline.

  • How to select the right image for your Ad.

  • How your lead sentence can do the heavy lifting.

  • How to create a credibility statement which resonates with your audience.

  • How long should your Ad be.

  • Example of great Ads.


Module One - Video Three

Q&A Session

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